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Basic Information

What is Guitar Giraffe?

Guitar Giraffe is a physical and online store specialised in pre-owned guitars and amps, being the first one in Spain of its kind. We also buy and trade in guitars and amps.

What does “pre-owned” exactly mean?

Besides meaning that it's a second hand item, “pre-owned” goes one step further: all our guitars and amps have been carefully checked, setup and guaranteed. Using the term “pre-owned” instead of “used” or “second hand” is just to point out that there are a series of differences.

Why Guitar Giraffe? 

At Guitar Giraffe we want to offer pre-owned guitars and amps in a reliable, safe, professional store that guarantees its products, at a reasonable price.

Even though there are a lot of private sales/trades going on in the guitar world, it always implies certain risks; therefore, successful transactions require some dedication. If you purchase long distance from a private owner, you never really know what you’re getting until you take your guitar out of its case, and there’s no guarantee other than the “word” or reputation of the seller. We simply avoid any setbacks and make things easy for our clients.

Are you really the first store of its kind in Spain?

As strange as it may seem, we are. There are some stores with similar features, but we’re the only one with a physical and online store that focuses on second hand guitars and amps (pre-owned, that is!). In fact, that’s why Guitar Giraffe was created: to cover an existing need in Spain, though we also ship to the rest of EU (and to many non-EU countries).

Why buy in Guitar Giraffe?

We like to answer this question with the example of buying a pre-owned car from an authorised dealer rather than to a private owner: whereas you could sometimes get a better price (luckily) from a private owner, we (the “authorised dealership”) offer a clear detailed catalogue, warranty, pre-sale/post-sale support, returns policy, and deliver our articles in pristine conditions, all within maximum professionalism. 

Ok, there’s an online store but… is there a physical store?

Yes, of course. We’ve set it up so that you will feel at home when you come by to try any of our guitars or amps. Please pay us a visit! And if the photos in our catalogue still haven't convinced you, come see the difference between second hand guitars and "pre-owned" for yourself. You'll understand right away!

You can find us at:

c/ Comandante Caballero, S/N
Centro Cívico Comercial
Oviedo, Asturias
+34 985 252 955

We are open Monday through Friday from 10:30am to 2:30pm, and 4pm to 8:30pm. Saturdays from 4pm to 8pm.

About our catalogue

Are all guitars and amps in your catalogue pre-owned?

Yes. We will be introducing some new guitars and amps shortly (specially to make some trade-ins easier). However, unless specified otherwise, all our guitars and amps are pre-owned (which goes far beyond the generic concept of second hand guitars).

All accesories are new, of course!

They’re pre-owned? But... they look new!

Yup! Many people that visit our store ask us the same thing. We’re very strict about our acquisition requirements, hence, only guitars and amps in excellent condition are brought in. That way, even after looking at them closely people often have the impression they’re looking at a new article.

Have your guitars or amps been modified or repaired?

All our second hand guitars and amps are 100% original. Any modifications will be detailed in the item’s description, but there are not likely to be any, since we only add to our catalogue articles that haven’t suffered changes that alter its original concept (such as replacing pickups or adding a humbucker cavity where a single coil used to be), or visible or serious repairs that strongly depreciate the instrument (broken headstock, broken truss rod, etc.).

Do instruments come with a setup?

Yes, all our pre-owned guitars come with a standard setup. We can, however, adjust the instrument to match your playing preferences. Also, if you want a specific string gauge, please add the desired string set to your purchase along with the guitar so we can include both in the same order receipt.

Amplifiers have vacuum tubes that, although not new, still have many working hours ahead of them.

Do you sell accessories? Are they new?

Yes. They can be added to your guitar order, but they can also be bought separately. We don’t aim to be a standalone accessory store, but to supply those basic ones that are usually bought along with a guitar (straps, cables, strings, stands, etc.).

Are the pictures of pre-owned guitars and amplifiers in your catalogue actually the real article?

Yes. All pictures of pre-owned guitars catalogue are of the actual guitar/amp for sale. We do not use generic pictures or images from other catalogues: all items have been photographed professionally one by one for Guitar Giraffe. 

Do all prices in your website include VAT?

Yes, all prices in our website include VAT.

Buying and Selling

Do you buy second hand guitars? How about consignments? How does it work?

At Guitar Giraffe we also buy second hand guitars. Not always, and not all guitars, but a good variety of them (detailed below). There are different ways you can sell us your guitar, but the quickest one is by filling out the contact form under the “SELL” section of our website. We will get in touch with you in 24-48 business hours.

Please keep in mind that we buy stock only when we have available space for display in our local store. On occasions, this will not be possible, but we will get in touch with you again when it is (1-2 weeks approx.), in case you’re still interested.

We also offer the possibility of consigning your guitar in our store. This means we add your instrument to our catalogue and display it in our store in order to sell it for you. However, we prefer buying instead of consigning.

How do I know if you’re currently buying guitars or not?

Access our “SELL” section. There you will see if we’re currently buying gear or not. In any case, please feel free to contact us: we will respond in 24-48 business hours.

What guitars do you buy?

We’re interested mainly in Fender and Gibson guitars, but we could also consider Gretschs or Rickenbackers. Depending on what you have to offer we can obviously talk it over.

Regarding Fenders, we will consider only American Standards and above, and equivalent models for other brands. The guitar’s condition must be excellent, without clear signs of wear, scratches, etc. It must have the original electronics and hardware and not have suffered irreversible modifications or serious/visible repairs. We understand that it may sound a little bit demanding, but our policies of not putting guitars through a refurbishing process must be strict if we honestly want to offer our articles in the conditions we currently do.

There’s a guitar in your catalogue that I really like. Can I give mine as a trade-in to lower its final price?

  It’s possible. It will be more likely for us to accept a trade-in if we are currently buying gear (check the “SELL” section to make sure). The guidelines we follow for trade-ins are the same ones for buying, which means it must match the same conditions, brand and model criteria explained earlier for second hand guitars. Although we don’t initially oppose to anything, keep in mind that we will consider those articles we seek over those we don’t.

How does the condition factor assigned to every guitar and amp work, and what does it mean?

We rate the condition of our guitars and amps with a specific term or “condition factor”, as explained below:

- New: new article, with all original materials, factory accessories, manuals, warranty card, case (if included) and other items included by the manufacturer. This condition refers to instruments not previously sold at retail. It would not qualify as “new” if it got sold, played (even once), and then returned (for example). Once sold, most new items of any kind suffer this sort of “automatic depreciation”.

- Mint: the instrument has hardly been used and looks almost new. Perhaps you could find very light scratches/dings only. No finish checking. This is the best condition for pre-owned guitars, also referred to by private owners as “10/10”, though if we had to rate it on a percentage basis it would be somewhere around 98%.

Of all the instruments we’ve acquired, we’ve rarely ever found one that is in truly “mint” condition.

- Excellent +: the instrument looks practically new and has barely been used. It could have very slight signs of use/wear, like swirls in the finish, very light scratches or few light dings. Frets are in practically new condition, with very little wear.  

In amplifiers, “Excellent+” refers to those that have barely been used and that look almost new (maybe an occasional, hard to see light scuff in the tolex).

- Excellent: the instrument has minor wear in the form of light scratches, dings or small chips, and has hardly been used. Frets have minor wear.

In amplifiers, “Excellent” refers to those that have been used and show minor wear in the form of small scuffs, light scratches or very small tear. All these signs of wear are usually hard to spot at first sight.

- Very Good: the instrument has clear signs of normal use: small chips, light dings and scratches in both front and back of the body. No major issues in the finish, headstock, truss rod, etc. 

In amplifiers, “Very Good” refers to those that have been thoroughly used but still look great. There can be normal scuffs, noticeable tolex or grill tear and oxidation in various metallic parts.

In both pre-owned guitars and amplifiers, “Very Good” condition is more commonly found in vintage gear, and will hardly appear in newer items. At Guitar Giraffe we don’t deal with anything below this condition.

Warranty, shipping and returns

Do your pre-owned guitars and amplifiers have a warranty?

Yes. Our all pre-owned gear has a warranty: a one-year warranty for pre-owned guitars and a 3-month warranty for amplifiers. It covers the same issues the original manufacturer’s does (except vacuum tubes for amplifiers).

Usually no warranty is given to used or pre-owned instruments, but at Guitar Giraffe we want our customers to know that we stand up behind our products.

Naturally, all new items have their complete manufacturer’s warranty.

Is there a possibility of returning a pre-owned guitar or amp?   

Yes. The client has 7 days upon receipt to return the pre-owned article. It must be perfectly packed and in identical conditions to when it was purchased. The client will be responsible for all shipping costs and third-party payment fees (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

Are shipping costs included?

No. We are aware of the fact that many big guitar retail stores do include shipping costs in their prices, but we can’t. We are a small family business and can’t expect to get the same shipping fees they do. However, we have obtained very good prices, specially for EU countries, which vary depending on the destination. You can look up the shipping costs to your country in the detailed chart below. Just so you know, the cost of shipping a guitar to UK or Germany is 35€ (2-4 business days), 29€ to France or 18€ to Spain (24 hour delivery).

The buyer is responsible for customs taxes charged by the country of destination. Please check your country’s customs policies with Spain prior to ordering from a non-EU country.

Are shipments insured? 

You can insure your shipment for the total of its value by adding 1.5% to the order. Even though damage or loss issues are rather strange, we strongly suggest you take out the full insurance in order to qualify for a full refund complaint against the shipping agency. Guitar Giraffe will not be held responsible for any damages or other issues generated by the shipping agency if the insurance hasn’t been contracted.

Once again, we insist that shipping issues hardly ever come up, but taking out the insurance is strongly suggested, specially for international customers.

To take out the insurance, please select the option in the payment process. The total will be automatically updated (between 20-35€) and your order will be fully insured.

Do all shipments have a tracking number?

Yes. It will be emailed to the customer as soon as the order ships.

Do you ship to Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra?

Yes. Clients from Canarias, Ceuta, Mellilla and Andorra have the option of using Correos Estándar (Spanish standard mail service, similar to USPS) apart from express mail agency service. Depending on the value and weight of the order, one or another will be the best option. If you’re in any of these destinations and are thinking of ordering something from us, we suggest you get in touch first so we can help you choose the best option.

What payment methods do you accept at Guitar Giraffe?

Online purchases can be made with Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, or bank transfer. You can choose your preferred method when you checkout your order. Please keep in mind that payment via Paypal has a 3,4% upcharge that will be added to the total of your order in the last step of the purchasing process.

You can of course come visit us at our physical store, located in Comandante Caballero St., (Centro Cívico Comercial shopping mall) in Oviedo, Spain.

Is it safe to buy in Guitar Giraffe?

Yes. All credit card payments are made through a secure SSL encrypted payment gateway, either Paypal’s (for Paypal payments) or Banco Sabadell (for credit card payments). At the moment of the actual payment the client is redirected to the secure gateway. Guitar Giraffe never receives any information submitted by the client during this process.

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