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About Us

In the last few years, online sale for musical instruments has experienced an amazing growth, but has passed right through the pre-owned market (that is, in Spain), limiting it to specialised forums and private owners. This is why Guitar Giraffe was born, the first physical and online second hand guitar and amp store (we like to call it "pre-owned", since we see a big difference between both terms), with a clear commitment of giving new options to guitarists locally and worldwide. Pre-owned guitar stores, so common in UK and USA, were practically nonexistent in Spain. We’ve wanted to fill that empty space by becoming the first physical and online store in our country focused on pre-owned guitars and amps.

Guitar Giraffe


Guitar Giraffe is a family business, and we do what we do because we like it. We really do. We’ve turned our small store into a nice place where to try out guitars and chat. If you want to see the difference between second hand guitars and pre-owned guitars for yourself, you just have to come and visit us!

Guitar Giraffe


I’m Daniel Valledor, Guitar Giraffe's manager and guitar enthusiast. Since I started playing (at age 15 or so), I’ve regretted the difficulties one had to go through to get a second hand guitar or amp. Most of the sales took place between known friends or musicans, but never on a dedicated pre-owned guitar store. That’s why Guitar Giraffe is also a personal proyect, since it dates back to my yearns as a kid. I decided it was about time somebody took the second hand guitar concept to a new level in this country, and you can see what we mean in our catalogue photos.


Up till now, my professional life was focused towards the media world. You can check out some of my old works here. In my free time, besides playing guitar and messing around with hi-fi valve amps, I really love to shoot shortfilms. I’ve recently finished one, titled “Ngutu”, with a dear friend of mine... and it’s doing quite well around festivals all over the world!